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[Photo of St Ives, Penwith, Cornwall - Tate Gallery] So, Cornwall, September...

1) and so it goes, as in don't talk to me about germans, and the ditto et al - 2) - ear to a seashell, eyes to the past, a big fire in london, pudding factory in baker street explodes, or something. i switch on the tv which hasn't even been invented yet. nothing... ditto the radio, ditto the wireless... i plug in the telegraph instead, and discover rousseau, dead - 3) - it's war with germany. and this time for real - 4) - it is my dead mother's birthday. happy birthday mum - 5) - and friedrich, got born today, and jesse james too (hooray!) - 6) - now the kids're back to school, the holidays over, i take a drive to st ives - the god knows why, to the tate gallery for something to do - 7) - get this, the cops arrest apollinaire and throw him in jail on suspicion of having been round to the louvre and nicked the mona lisa! i aint making this up y'know. like, yeah, wuh? who's my dada? who's yr dada? who's the dada? are you mad? is the whole world going mad? dada's on his way. ok? - 8) - i need a rest - 9) - yankee doodle to chattanooga, and brueghel, dead, toulouse-lautrec, dead. (september a month of interminable deaths, summer's end approaching) - 10) - i go back to bed, pull the covers up and over - 11) - it was a normal day, planes in the sky, that sort of thing - 12) - the day is unavoidably delayed, dunno why, but it gets like that in cornwall - 13) - a quiet day in maternity, a quiet day in the morgue, then, midnight passing... - 14) - dante dead - gone into the underworld, with virgil - 15) - and the days go dancing, away behind the scenes - 16) - tachyonically, tectonically, or some other jig - 17) - i'm reeling in the years (fishing for salmon in the long dead gone) - 18) - the day ends with sparkle, stars, and stuff - 19) - and this day begins with a sunrise contingent, and i wonder if it's the night that's necessary - 20) - and saladin at the door. hello mate, how's it going? - 21) - leonard cohen's birthday today, yeah, we're gonna party tonight - 22) - i wake late, ill and aching from the ouzo overload - 23) - yeah, getting old - 24) - and tired... - 25) - too tired for any argument, that this planet has to pr/offer - 26) - think i'll stay in bed all day, watch tv - 27) - up dark and early, a bowl of weetabix, a bottle of sanatogen, a salutary sunrise and i'm ready to go - 28) - here we go then... turn the ignition on, and - 29) - stalled - 30) - ... hell and shite!

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