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So, Cornwall, August...

1) bleedin' jews someone said - 2) - bleedin' arabs someone said - 3) - bleedin' muslims! - 4) - bleedin' christians, bleedin' buddhists, i'm outta here i said - 5) - summer's day, sea breeze, i salute you sir (ah mr neptune i presume, how do you do?) - 6) - i stroll the promenade... girls in summer dresses, girls in next to nothing, delightful i said (and today the day the little boy in enola gay... hey everybody, it's hiroshima day!)

and peace propaganda and the promised land on google video, and i'm thinking, i'd like to hit the button that says nukes on tel aviv, nukes on washington (instead i make a cuppa cocoa, and fall to sleep...) - 7) - fisk at the mit, breaking the silence, the new rulers of the world, enough, enough... i need a cigarette i said - 8) - & it's burn, hollywood burn...

9) - & rice and eskimo and a lovely girl lovely singing and i getting a chill again like i'm 15 years old again and in love with a teenage angel - 10) - whoosh and weft it goes... - 11) - remembering... the girl from the north country

12) - & then to krapp

and it's ding dong, bang bang, thanatos at the door... - 13) - whoosh... and i'm behind the sofa already (but i can still hear him, ding dong, bang bang, proclaiming now, like he's a shakespearean actor or something, 'i am the child of night, i am the brother of sleep...' feck off i said, and louder yet, feck! off! YOU KUNT! (...silence behind the sofa, silence at the door) - 14) - & so i live - 15) - another day... (today i'd like some oranges i said from the orange groves of lebanon) - 16) - i dunno what time (, it is i said) - 17) - a man on the tv telling me i'm a meme machine, all-chromosomed out in an infinite syntax, shining bright, a neon thing, nearly - 18) - my bulbs're busted i think, the tulips gone too, towit-towoo, towit-towoo - 19) - my plumage in ruins, i dance a raggedy reel - 20) - someone said, watch 'enemy of the state' (it was on the tv so i did) - the same someone and another said, it's like 'the conversation' but updated (i despair and blow on a tenor saxophone... smooching in the dark with a teenage girl, from many moons ago) - no it aint i said - 21) - i dunno, widdley widdley - 22) - widdley-do - 23) - the dog's got the cream - 24) - the cat the bone, the night the light the graveyard clatter - 25) - the fog-like dream, the pat-a-back, the sites the sights the bright dawn chatter - 26) - the sound turned down, whoosh... i can't hear i said, not here - 27) - i watch 'the wind that shakes the barley' and ergo hate the english - 28) - and sleep... - 29) - my heart - 30) - sleep - 31) - sleep...

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