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[Photo of Marazion, Penwith, Cornwall - The Beach] So, Cornwall, May...

1) - yeah yeah, happy holidays - 2) - double diamonds and early dylan, late to bed and dreams of a girl, from the north country fair, probably - 3) - i forget - 4) - or, i'm, forgotten, deep in a cornwall cavern - 5) - i am forget, forgotten, a foot-soldier from faraway, yeah, doing fine thanks - 6) - & → - 7) - & ← - 8) - & ↑ ± ↓ - 9) - & ƒ²ƒ³ ± = - 10) - ‡ ‡ u & u, u... - 11) - you kraut, you kunt, you dirty stinkin' nazi shite (i from dunkirk to the normandy beaches) - the, i need to get out... get some air... i walk to mousehole along the coast road, trying to forget about germans, can't... head back, but carry on, through newlyn and then all the way along the beach to marazion - 12) - & it's hey mr tambourine man, she belongs to me - 13) - &, it's alright ma... - 14) - & just like a woman, like a rolling stone, and bed - 15) - up bright and breezy... early to the pub, a pint of absinthe and vodka, cheers... leonard cohen on the jukebox, and i'm singing, suzanne takes you down, to her place near the river... some germans in the corner, i blow their heads off with a magnum 44 - 16) - what do i care... ? - 17) - i should take a package-holiday to the greek mountains, and fight the germans from there - 18) - yeah, i'll vote for that, yeah yeah, you who talk of democracy... - 19) - i shall go to rome - 20) - i shall go to imperial rome in its prime. i shall speak before the senate - 21) - but then again... - 22) - there's something on the tv i wanna see... and anyway, i have to go the lavatory - 23) - goodbye goodbye (faint hopes from the past) - 24) - and here at last, the fruit of my loins - 25) - and then someone buys one, yeah! - 26) - life's on the up, tomorrow i die - 27) - zzzzzz..... - 28) - i'd switch on the tv but there's been nothing on since 911. then i'm thinking, if i don't switch it on, maybe i'll be missing it all, live as it happens. a mushroom cloud over hamburg for instance, and the reporter saying, there's no survivors. that would cheer me up. and switching channels, a mushroom cloud over disney world, fantabulosa. oh dear, what a shame, then some breaking news, mushroom clouds by the bucketload over hollywood (cut to o'reilly on fox, his raging face, the sound down, just for a laugh) - and the americans are all like, what're we going to do for entertainment now? and i'm thinking, the entertainment's just fine from where i'm sitting, thank you. but i get bored... it's all just the same old same old, since the romans and before. i try another channel. then another. i stop by chance on a shopping channel to see michael kelly selling breadmakers. i buy one. to hell with it, i buy two. one for the cottage in the country that i haven't got yet. switch (is that the right word for pressing a button?) channels again... - 29) - and my name is obadiah said obadiah to the moon - 30) - sure but it's a grand life jack - 31) - great, a great life paddy (what, in cornwall? by the sea? in may time?)

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& so to work, to print and stretch, print and stretch, print and stretch
those canvas prints

otherwise, it's people with their pets and their photos to canvas
... jesus christ!

& born in may =

may 11th, 1904 salvador dali

& died in may =

may 2nd, 1519 leonardo da vinci
may 4th, 1849 katsushika hokusai
may 7th, 1840 caspar david friedrich
may 8th, 1903 paul gauguin

[The Last Supper - Leonardo da Vinci]