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& So, Cornwall, June...

1st - keep it under yr hat he said, but it won't be long now. 'ere, have a woodbine, have a strand he said, we're just waiting on a change in the weather, won't be long now
2nd - when the moon is bright he said, and the sea becalmed, we set sail for the normandy beaches
3rd - hooray, hooray
4th - i think that when we get there, i'm hitching a ride with kelly's heroes
5th - (tonight i'm flying with biggles in a b52)
6th - yeah, let's go get 'em boys...
7th - & it's fast forward...
8th - & it's fast forward some more
9th - & it's c'mon costa rica... (it woulda been better if they'd come out for the second half in humvees mounted with machine guns and mown them nazis down, but there we are, an opportunity lost)
10th - england (but then aint she ever) a disappointment... i do the calypso and whatever they do for dance in the ivory coast (but alas)
11th - 30th - the football's on, leave me alone

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