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Vincent Van Gogh Prints - The Images

[Vincent Van Gogh Prints - The Starry Night] dear vincent, vinny, whatever, i'm sober, sorry, what can i say? you know how it is, sometimes you just have to be, to get something done, have it finished, done with, out the way, over... or otherwise not of course... and then the party, after... a woman over a pool table maybe, a little absinthe... or a run down the lane and out into the open fields, flying in the corn suddenly... the canvas on fire, you out of breath

yeah, and always buy vincent van gogh prints for hanging by a door
and buy with abandon, or a band on, like fleetwood mac in the peter green days

& vincent van gogh + popcorn = get the movie
& the see also = gauguin
& then there's... vincent's lament

born 1853, died 1890

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