Paul Gauguin Art Prints, Posters

1848 - 1903

[Paul Gauguin - art prints, posters - Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin] so feck the wife and kids, let 'em stay in denmark! (and feck the madman of arles!) i'm off to tahiti - i'm gonna have me some teen tahitian girls and spunk on their bottoms and spunk on their tits and the evening sky will be salmon pink...
oh la petite mort, i am yours i am yours... i live and die incessantly... i shall get syphillis and be buried in a pauper's grave... who cares? who gives a feck? where do we come from, where are we going? was ist das? ergo et sum... eureka and fast forward to nowhere! avant avant...

feck the politicians and feck the teachers and feck the cops and feck la france... i'm outta this western nonsense...
and feck them feckers with their little orange cubes of cheese all standing in a circle... around my dead spunked-out body swirling wine saying, "Quelle, Coleur!"

and yep, if you got no gauguin in the house, without the intention, then you're probably a twat

and yep, hang your gauguin art print or poster in the study, inhale, pour yourself a glass

and yep, quinn doin gauguin better than douglas doing gogh = lust for life

and yep, thought to say gauguin = baudelaire with brushes...

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