Christopher McQuarrie - The Way of the Gun (2000)

[ryan phillipe] there's a nice purity to this piece, an elegant simplicity maybe, violence somehow real, or at the least a thicker simulacrum than one's (read: me) grown accustomed to. minimalist music, typewriter credits, have to double check when the VCD player decides to start working again, but think all the shots are locked down and static.

i dunno, tarantino said he was doing violence real, that kietel kicking buscemi on the floor was real violence, but soon as they're done with the kicking thing they go to this static woo-derivative posturing, gun gripping arms extended to greet gun gripping arms. phillipe tries to posture, the slick no-look side-step dive into the fountain, and is summarily punished for it, forced into the reminder that, in real "then the queen died of grief" plots, characters are subject to the needs and constrains of diegesis, and not vice-versa.

i will, for some time more yet, take the letters VCD, along with the good lord's name, in vain. if that works, i might be able to fix this thing.

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