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19something -

jersey boy, went to high school with bryan singer, became a cop, got called in by singer, who'd gotten funding together to do this movie before he'd gotten a script together to do this movie, not being wong kar wai, decided maybe he should have the script in hand before those arri motors start whirring, which explains why aristotle woulda let socrates buy him a drink before analyzing the plot (or lack thereof) a public access.

the interview, incomplete and edited into an article, that i read said he wanted and wants (and this desire being neither subset nor subject to time, will want and will have wanted and have will have wanted into infinitum) to do a cinematic biography of alexander the great. either the money requisite for things like parnassus and wherever he wailed on xerxes or the thought of, say brad pitt, being portrayed having sex with a horse (name a rex or other) had that idea struck down and mcquarrie pidgeonholed into being "the crime guy."

mcquarrie ran with being "the crime guy."

cop shoot cop. don't let up.


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