Olivier Assayas - Irma Vep (1996)

[Maggie Cheung] i dunno, joe walks in while i'm watching this pirate copy a 花樣, says "well, hey, the girl's hot" and my kneejerks to say "what the fuck! like you've ever even seen irma verp or heroic trio!" (though if you stay up late sometimes you'll see an english dub a heroic trio on the action channel.bam.bam.bam), which is not to say that he therefore doesn't know what zhang meiyu can be, but rather that... you know, kant wrote a book... they talked about it in the book... don't make me say ...

that was going somewhere.

i dunno, after living in oblivion, what with the "put a dwarf in it!", the point(s) to making a movie about making a movie started to escape me, except for maybe the whole entertainment tonight "oo! a restaurant owned by celebrities! i always wanted to be a celebrity..."

<! --(planet hollywood, i'm told, bombed in australia on acct. a everyone eating takeout. this after they blackballed the poor burgerflipper what was "stupid" enough to open a place named "planet hollywood" w/o himself being famous the way famous people are into selling them use rights for the name. violence, children. violence.) -->

...voyeuristic, vicariously-compiled biographies (when is simstim gonna break big? japan, i'm looking at you) that seem to sell so swell. but then, oc, it's not a movie about making a movie, it's a movie about not making a movie.

see, the story goes (jeff wrote a book about stories-in-stories as narratival disassociations-from | disavowals-of the truth, but i got no tag for that this instant) that assayas met maggie cheung at some film fest or other (hk, le's say) and decided he really wanted to make a movie where she runs around in a tight black vinyl bodysuit, and he really really wanted to make it, but he couldn't figure out how, so he made a movie about that instead.

being me an who i am i think the movie-in-the-movie (made off feuillade's les vampires) better than the movie outside the movie-in-the-movie, but oc w/o the movie it means nothing. traffic in mexico. (note not pakistan.) yo(u).