Wong Kar Wai - In the Mood for Love (2000)

[in the mood for love] so into the street at after midnight the pavement wet the air the same one umbrella between us which neither seems to need and then this abandoned sports bar, which is to say closed, where she knocks or throws rocks or whatever to get someone from the second floor to unlock the door to the first.
the floor's never been mopped and the bar's understocked, not enough lights to truly see by but just the right one in just the right spot to burn my hand whenever i reach for my or her beer, and just before whoever we woke up goes back upstairs he throws in this laura fygi cd and on comes some latin something from in the mood for love and yes i'm living in my heroes.

someone (i'll find out who) writing in the village voice referred to fallen angels with the words nostalgia for the present. in fa, in chungking, the camera races. here it, ever a character, is a being of mourning, pining, its rhythyms almost stradivarian the mood for love is lamentation, not nostalgia, with the bittersweet of the latter comes a certain sweetness..
and in room 2046, and they aren't like them for reasons other than chastity, which isn't there as some critics have presupposed, but more for the sort of i haven't betrayed julia of 1984, the i haven't died inside whatever else on the outer and hence am full of tension.

& monuments & hancock
and the camera pulls back and the sound cuts out and you see someone mutter the meaning of life.
into the rock of the wall of draco as men have made it.

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