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Once from Hong Kong - by nate


mmm... steak.... so i will be reiterating this whenever it is i get round to writing on irreversible (which is itself a whiles off whilst i wonder whence one can score a copy a keep cool; cameras, yo.) kakihara cutting his own tongue off (shitatsume lieau a yubitsume?) was also in caligula ii, which defies the laws a physics or at least a quantum probablities by making laura gemser look like she's not naked (although that could be where their fx budget went, as it certainly didn't go dao foresaid shot a shitatsume) um... o yeah, steak down, i now look forward to not running more-than-quantumly-possible risks a biting my tongue off whilst in bed giving head; dr. seuss, man; laws a the probable, police a the prosodic.

the riaa right now says it's really important to give the artists their money but, man, they're just gonna blow it all on heroin anyhow. they were pirating depeche mode on the telly. kmfdm tho i dunno. kmfkmfdm yo. likewise nelly.

in lieau a love 林雅詩. an some other girl'll probly get her name in the frameset sometime soon.

nga.(an y'r no cutie.)