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Once from Japan - by nate


realized the other day that the guy in the club in roppongi fulla old white men and japanese 'girls' i wouldn't fuck with bea arthur's dick watching me mack (or make attempt thereof) thought i'd said "you wanna get out a here" and motioned toward the door insteada, as the case had been, "do you wanna dance" and motioned toward the floor.

i should probly resolve myself to espousing the midfield specifically, despite my occasional ability to get violent and win balls inside my own box and what is, in china, my unique ability to cross back for an assist, forgoeing my own attempt at goal, when playing up top, as, as these things work out, the pursuit of space is seemingly king these days.

so it seems.

so italian last night, i know being in japan i should stick to the washoku, but this my first time in the west for & in like 5 months, so i had to. being in an archipelago went nanika con fruite del mare, moreover being anglophone went with the chianti over the cock cola.

so these things go.