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[WB Yeats - picture of] William Butler Yeats (or "Willie" as he was more commonly and more appropriately called - born Dublin, Ireland - died Roqueborne, France - buried under Ben Bulben, Ireland) fell head-over-bates-heels in love with (and unsuccessfully proposed to) this Irish tomato named Maude Gonne (bang! bang! but she didn't), who wasn't even his mother, who upon marrying Sean MacBride became Maude Gonne MacBride (sort of a more complicated, less exciting version of the Jean Paul Rabataille III thing). They had a daughter, Iseult (a distant relation to Wagner from his Tristan period) Gonne MacBride, to whom Yeats also unsuccessfully proposed. He eventually just gave up on the Gonnes and the Germans and the Generation Game and had himself a Green Card wedding with some Gypsy Broad, fell into Mysticism and Whining about his Hard-Ons before winning a Nobel and Generally Degenaerately associating with Aery Trolls and suchlike proporters of Nuclear Power and Par Lagerkvist inside his ElderStatesman head.

If he was alive today, would probably be into the United Nations, the Moonies, and Viagra

born 1865, died 1939

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