Wong Kar Wai - The Follow (2001)

[Adriana Lima] I had this running theory for awhile that Wong Kar Wai wouldn't come over to the US the way John Woo did, sole motivation being the scarcity of Miss Hong Kong alum working in Cali or NYC or wherever else besides HK one might happen to be. I'd looked at the HK New Wave's migration to Hollywood as analogous to the Marvel school's defection to Image back in the early/mid nineties.

The Miss HK thing's easy enough to get around. We here, in Cleveland or, as they would have you think, London, have Victoria's Secret, which is chock full of girls to follow around with a camera while you try to come up with a plot.

Adriana Lima being case in point.

This is, straight up, my favorite piece to come out of Beemer's Hire project. Might wanna try watching it by itself first, following Ang Lee's Chosen the cuts will seem all but too ariba and arbitrary.

Begging the question, when am I getting my ass to Argentina.

go get it.