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1958 - died, nope

Wong Kar Wai was born in Shanghai in 1958, moved with his family to Hong Kong five years later. He then studied Graphic Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic, graduating in 1980. Put in some time at the Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Ltd. (HKTVB) doing PA work and the like, before upgrading to scriptwriting.

Left there in '82, wrote ten feature scripts covering most every genre, had his directorial debut in '88 with As Tears Go By, which kicked ass at the HK fest and got screened during Critics Week at Cannes. Days of Being Wild followed, a critical success but commercial flop, issuing no sequel as'd been planned.

Won best director at Cannes for Happy Together, that gay Argentine expat thang.

His stuff's banned by the Reds, for refusing to show them his scripts. He also, incidentally, doesn't use scripts.



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