Wim Wenders - Wings of Desire (1987)

[wings of desire poster] spike lee got pissy, what with cannes liking this guy's movie (this movie) more'n his, allegations of racism (how could the french be racist? they'll fuck anything, cf jason biggs), sorta maybe not getting that, just like sundance loves dialogue, cannes loves directors who (/when they) set about boring boring people.

for certain 'specially slow people (meiosis say mitosis say wuh?), someone got the brilliant idea to remake this movie so that:

  1. everyone would speak english bc everyone who isn't german knows that german is very silly as a language bc it is not english, the language, bc english are silly too bc they eat crumpets and have a queen
  2. the angel would say he was an angel but maybe he would do it in a library instead of in a bar, cuz maybe the girl wouldn't believe him the way the george's girl didn't believe me when i said i was an angel come from heaven to do the dirty danaë deed on her all golden like and maybe she'd tell him that peeing was grody and throw a drink in his face. maybe also they should cast him as nicholas cage so she would say to him "you are so pretty nate is not pretty may we perchance make nymphily nephilim. i will also be nubile and nude for you but not for not pretty nate." (dear google no.3)
  3. it will be set in la bc everyone knows that la is the city of angels so people who won't believe the creepy i-have-no-navel man in the trench coat will believe the titles bc titles never lie. it will not be in berlin bc that too is stupid bc germans are stupid and maybe people will be confused by why there are angels in russia or why there's no chocolate if it's maybe supposed to also be set in west berlin. also no one will have to drive so far to go to work.
  4. also meg ryan, bc fat women who say to oprah "i like angels" also say to the evil movie screening people who second guess screenwriters that "i like meg ryan." so her too.

i'm still baffled, by that, by the decision that say, alanis morrissette & a (then) recently sold-out goo goo dolls could in someway somehow sonically compare c cave & the seeds, or that sipowitz had any business being anywhere, no matter how bare.

could prattle on about existential cinema (it is a bit behind its time, but maybe it was never supposed to not be), how maybe wkw's fallen makes a better analogy than shitty of, how that was immature, or how i need to stop talking about wong kar wai for ten minutes since i don't really know what i'm talking about, or how wong's made more remakes than soderbergh (will refer reader to conjecture previous), or how la femme nikita, abre los ojos, the ring, insomnia, et al., are simply the tip of the hemingwaian (pos sic) icycubiethingie (def sic).

or how/why my arm is no longer so numb like it was.

but i won't.