M the Dark Knight Shyamalan - Unbreakable (2000)

there's a line i can't place (need to start reading with a pencil behind my ear) re characters becoming actors over the course of a film, as a means a mythmaking, a modern means a int(e)r(a)textual euhemerization.

obviously here, willis is set up as willis, suit and tie, shaven head looks like a fashion thing, but then is quickly debunked, glamourwise, first by taking off his wedding ring (cf steve carrell v. lisa ling) then by being portrayed as a "four touchdowns in a single game" high school hasbeen wallowing in depressions worse than mine (note: one does not wallow in one's sleep) working a deadend rentacop job, underpaid, in philly.

but oc the pulp fiction reunion a willis n jackson slowly reconstructs what cannot be deconstructed: that bruce willis is meant to be seen as a superhero, a simulacrum thereof, or some such thing a the pomo scene. hence rentacop to robocop.

we mention kryptonite but not achilles.

that heela chillya.

more on the prophet elijiah who delivers our deliverer, watches our watchman, being convicted a terrorism after the fact. later on.

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