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born June 12th, 1890
died October 30th, 1918

[egon schiele - picture of] After Marx's purported ghost sightings and the Cam crowd's sloppy investigation of such, dear Egon resolved to abandon Venkman and Ray and the practice and come out to see for himself. Accidently landed in Austria, of all places, only to be arrested anon for crossing the beams. Charges of indecency, pornography, kiddie debauchment or some such political nonsense ensued.
After a brief prison interment dedicated his life to whining about his brief prison interment. And inventing the modern spread-shot.
Was very much into naked women and art. Drew and painted self-portraits while masturbating. Left very distinctive watermarks.
If alive today Egon Schiele would despise Baywatch and the Nair chic, but by virtue of being Austrian would still own multiple Hasselhoff CDs, which his car, Kit, would forbid him from playing.

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