Sam Raimi - The Gift (2000)

[cate blanchett] something about katie holmes wrestling greg kinnear in nothing but a pair a jailbaitiful cotton underwear just struck me as a little too julie andrews pretensing to be something other than the goodie2shoes we and all a switzerland know her to have been. what was the ally mcbeal line? she even had perky happy nipples, or something, focusing on the nipples and not the breasts to distract the viewer from calista flockhart's lack a the latter.

but anyway, moving on from breatisis and onto galadriel, cate blanchett's accent is exponentially superior to that of, say, keanu, that fine nigerian gunner, or the aforementioned katie "wad" holmes. aside from seeing katie wad getting her ass beat by two different guys and eventually killeded by one of em (oo, but which one?), cate blanchett might be the only thing that makes the money spent to make this movie make sense.

had this idea once, that hasn't really ever left me since, to write a book, and dedicate it to cate blanchett, for making spenser make sense.

but lacking the work ethic and either the creativity or the lack thereof (as either a which'll kill ya) to write a book, or the simple attention span to sit down an stage an attempt, such things will be ever ideas, relegated to the container that is conjecture.

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