Sam Raimi - The Evil Dead (1979)

[sorry, no tree] A woman gets raped by a plant in this, and there's zombies. What more could you want? Xena? Xena getting raped by a plant? Xena getting raped by Gabrielle? Anyone getting raped by Howard Roark? None of which is to be had (thank God), but the arterial spray in this flick is to be matched only by Peter Jackson's Dead Alive (or any video game not starring some animal indigenous to Australia and the outlying isles).

Some of the best frame jobs in the skinema are in this and Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Thought Raimi had said they chose to do a horror movie cuz horror movies are the easiest to get financing for, cuz people will rent or buy or pay to see horror movies basing their decision to do so solely on generic concerns. And of course something to be said for having tripods and time but no dollies or jibs. And in Hooper's case, no sam ram a cam.

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