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Claude Monet Art Prints on Demand - The Images

[Claude Monet Art Print - The Houses of Parliament] so, claude monet had mammary glands apparently and was not extremely anything exactly but was very very fond of wearing frocks apparently, and wellingtons, and pottering around in his garden pretending he was japanese, puffing the occasional gauloise (talking of which, here's some hokusai, and here's some puffing

claude monet est une painter pour les teenage madamseilles sur la seine sans amour, eh moi, apres la losing their cherries les madamseilles become aware of klimt, and fond of their newfound sexualness, do swim nakedly and languidly in goldfish bowls, forgetting their claude monet altogether

claude monet ne c'est kinky pervert pas!

instead (?) i grow old i grow young, i go to a turner exhibition, london 1870 with my pal pissarro and am much impressed, as it were, and that was that really - i return to la france and live in a tent in a field for many years with my easel, with a canvas or two and my pet hamster called haystacks and now and again paint some very nice paintings, here available to buy as exceeedingly special claude monet art prints for the spare bedroom and beyond, blah blah, mange tout, tout mange

and yeah, hang your monet in the conservatory, if not in the spare bedroom!

born 1840, died 1926

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