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René Magritte - The Images

so, is the use of the definite article in titles just indiscriminate wilfulness, representationally, reproducing, ambiguity, or not (this is not, is it not, a rhetorical question?) = (or, is it)?

yeah yeah, doin the wuh wuh dance in the rain
buy to bye and buy the by, hang your magritte print in the garden, on a summer's day

born 1898, died 1967

Stuff in books

  • This Is Not a Pipe - it's a book, right, that was once a picture, and maybe still is? wrong, it's a hyperlink on the web = oh those crazy french, them ambivalent belgians, but all flemish 'n greek to me of course - from alpha to zeta on the road to omega, on the back road to brussels whilst looking for a hat...

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