David Lynch - Eraserhead (1977)

[eraserhead] should danger boy get himself into a danger zone and should boots get knocked, this a must please send. as much an ode to philly as a meditation on unwanted parenthood, lynch took five years making this sucker, which had a theatrical run of an equally too long five years, whilst lynch he turned to roofing and mel brooks sir he watched on.

when asked, or when asked when nate paid attention, if he would ever do another movie like eraserhead, lynch replied with a no, citing the physical toll of lighting and filming one (or less than one) shot a night, while squatting in whatever abandoned building one happens to be using as a practical set, while trying to raise the aforementioned unwanted pregnancy. ignoring what was probly the meat of the question: when will you turn your back on these half-hearted feigns at diegetic narratives and return to your true element, and make the world some virtuous something? and when.

there are depths beneath words, and below the undertows, fathoms. and then.

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