David Lynch - Dune (1984)

[blue velvet] based off the first of a slew of frank herbert novels (the first three having been planned from the get go) and never really cut to satisfaction (a 2hr a 3hr & a 4hr version are out there, alan smithee supplanting lynch as headman on at least the second) dune is definitely more stylism than substance. lynch was supposedly (i say supposedly bc i cant be bothered to fact check) contracted to do the sextalogy (wonder what having that word on the page'll turn up in the logs) through children of, but wound up sans sequel and the shooting ratio half a the budget for blue velvet. he, at the first, wanted to film it in b&w, and while it does have great colors (was it elmes on gun?) that just sounds so beautiful. filming the desert in color is folly, the filters racking up one atop the next like steraro what with his blue density gradates and his orange density gradates and the focus whatever it's called where it doesn't twist the ring like so gradates'll what work or not.

my jargon gone to hell, methinks.

so in the sci-fi version, on which steraro (stud that he is) was gunman, you can tell they're supposed to be muslims, and in lynch, like in most works by seminal arthouse auteurs, they're just a bunch a guys all dressed in black waxing poetic/philosophic to girls all dressed up in black too busy looking like erotic vultures (the desert, right) to respond, and hence aloof, and as yves saint-laurent says, there is no cosmetic more potent than a woman's indifference.

on the hill the fremen run. over the next lies conan, axe in hand.

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and 3 hours by mr. alan