David Lynch - Blue Velvet (1986)

[blue velvet] back at umkc i read a state a the screenplay for this, the oft-rumored boy-on-boy rape scene wasn't there, but you do see kyle maclaughlin perving at some date rapist back at school before heading home to find his yep that's a human ear alright. aside from playing down (read: rendering slightly subtle) the parallel between jeffery's gaze rape (let lacan cough on) and frank's literal (read: body) rape, lynch also cut out a lot a shit about the wizard a oz, leaving really just dorothy's name.

a man named booth a woman what lives on lincoln. you on mlk you best run. let lacan cough on.

pablo picasso never got called an asshole cuz his girlfriends all spoke french. sacré velvet bleu!

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