Ang Lee - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

[zhang ziyi] seamus kept giving li shit about repression, cuz that's like li oeuvre staple, but i took it more as a meditation on the nature of virtuosity, specifically the frustrate genius manifesting itself in the form of the prodigal prodigy (ask me about oedipus sometime); the student who must hide her brilliance from her teacher, who shuns new teachers, who sees neither horizon nor what lies beyond, lamenting the fact of her own existence, unto what lies beyond.

it's not a kung fu movie, it's a romance. kung fu, horror and porn all function subset to a poetics a crescendo, action intensifying until final release and then a sloppy resolution no one bothers to watch anyhow that by and large can't take up more than three minutes of screen time.

like in li xiaolong flicks.

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