David Fincher - Fight Club (1999)

[fight club] Word on the street is after Seven all the Columbia kids was knocking Fincher off like the see eye fucking aye.
And the Russians pulled very similar crap, even down to fighting for sport, prior to their revolution(s), but had some sort of semi-socialist aim, or were, like proper Nihilists, just 'bout being bastards, bombs and burning.
Directed directorially almost up to a par to spar with Wong, all the way up until the "enter Pitt" after which the odd couple routine all over the screen . . . had only Matthau and Lemmon been cast in the leads . . . the Landfall Lemmon (query: does he work for Landfall????????) not . . . .

That was inane. I shall buy the damn thing (as should you) view review and make amends.

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