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Chagall Prints - Joy

[Marc Chagall - art print, poster - Joy]

You can Buy this Chagall art print and/or poster and/or get it framed if it doth please thee, here

yeah yeah, we've all been there - under other people's feet i mean, whilst playing the violin, left-handed (must be the mushrooms) - and that eiffel as phallus with its head up there but what's it/he got in its/his hands but another phallus, jesus, this is weird, the guy on tiptoes (who must be double-barrelled), i think, must be double-dicking that chick (who don't look best pleased about it, but hey, you can get pegasus blowing a horn for fanfare and you won't get a smile outta some women - and now i'm thinking, she's dressed in red because she's menstruating, heavily and it's all seeping through and upward, and that's why she looks kinda miserable) = me, i'm too old for hormones and love (let alone biology and genetics) i'm off flying the sky whilst reading rilke (a duino elegy i expect) - me in that yellow cape is just so so cool

says he, laying on the grass, in amongst the green, inhaling deeply, on a summery summer's day

[ this probly the 2nd picture i'll get for my 'pics for an imaginary study' - after i've got this one ]