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George Gordon (Lordy Lord) Byron - poetry, poems

[Gericault - Portrait of Byron] so, lord byron or mister gordon if you prefer (george buddy to me), jammy bastard with half a silver spoon (so there was a gammy foot or two, but scanning in the eye of the beholder) ne c'est, possibly sic who knows 'n grammatically incorrect, 'n then off to greece for the odd holiday or two, via lisbon and geneva and the inability to write a half decent horror story, for which, see shelley (mary, later!) - after which, goodbye, farewell, a dead hero, and mortal decay... (but the legend, as they say... )

am mad am mad... (o madeleine)

an apache on a mountain in a cowboy film with a wild bandana and a phallic rifle (o how the ladies loved my swarthy looks and persona) - yet did i lust all my life to fast-forward to meet with gauguin and sail to tahiti, and remember proust not at all....

(o madeleine)

we are in love yet again (my one manhood rises, yet it's the cavalry comes - i scoff the tea-cake full-down, so why yet do i hanker to yearn) - and so, to missolonghi... (ellipsisoidally, of course...)

(o you, you, you) - woman, wilt thou yet pull aside thy knickers from thy pudenda yet... (i as happy as zorba dancing) - stop - i must catch the night ship to lisbon yet... (farewell)

and verity on the radio (o classical delight) - and soon to fight the fight of freedom on grecian soil (o diogenes) - and quite forget these platonic shadows on the wall...

o verity verily
o madeleine

born 1788, died 1824

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