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[Bonnard - art prints, pictures - Nude at Fireplace] so, pierre bonnard, and before ever the mcmuffin was, up in the wild and ancient hills of scotland, the mcbonald's (sic) family, forged themselves, flame-grilled, in porridge oats. why they did this is not known but out of it subsequently came two brothers, simultaneously, one called ron, who was later to move stateside and relabel himself as ronald mcbonald (sic) - a safe food icon, and another called, for some reason, pierre.

it was pierre who stayed truer to his scottish roots and the truthfulness, honesty, and integrity, of porridge oats. he would spend his childhood days working and then re-working the porridge, mixing it with wild honey, with strawberry jam, with ochre... (teachers note: check the coloring/colours and textural effects...)

when, late into puberty, the young pierre discovered the awful truth of his name and that his dear mother had slept with a black russian and called the subsequent love-child pierre to disguise the fact, all hell broke out in the mcbonald's (sic) household and pierre, fearful of his newly acquired step-father, tearfully, caught the last fast train from edinburgh to france...

bon was good in paris but darn good was better thought pierre so he made himself an anagram from bon and darn and hence was known as, bonnard, the anagram man, sur la seine

yr pierre bonnard picture, for reasons obvious, is best hung in the bathroom

born 1867, died 1947

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