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[William Blake Prints - Ancient of Days] so william blake more leonardo da vinci than monet (discuss)
more van gogh than gauguin
more bosch and brueghel than botticelli
more magritte than klimt
more dali than anything else (yeah, who gives a toss?)

one of the better things about william blake is that you couldn't imagine having tom cruise playing him in some dumb hollywood movie (mickey rourke maybe) - but then it's possible i might be completely wrong, and probably am

bob hope, when young, looked the part, certainly, but then there should, of a certain, be no hope in a take with blake; paul giamatti, maybe, avoiding issues of typecast.

born 1757, died 1827

blake like seuss if seuss took tea to see angels where's he went and heard whos (what? whos?) like when horton saw a world in a grain of sand, cranked up the gain and brought beezlenuts back, bought off a half-naked girl in taiwan, clothed in neon that shines like the sun.

an urizen like yertle but tyrant not turtle an all the way down not just up to the moon, burns children sings sermons so albion swoons.

like balzac seraphita a recast a swedenborg, cept seraphita's so all "i bring you love, universal love" and blake's all like "i don't bring you love, i bring you pestilence, famine .... and zoas!" and seraphita's all like "love..." and blake's all like "bam bam pow ka-pow! zoas!" and you thought mr. & mrs. zappa were bad with names.

i leave any cartoons out? oh, voltron, cept no merging, throbbing extentions become emanations, them bones shooting up popping off like the telophase a baby bacteria and "that's not a rib!" as mr. & mrs. blake take tea in the garden offer cake to the snake, slap an apron on that hadaka—we got prints to make!

to make huxley happy the cat in the hat hands out tab one and tab two.

the king pees on the poor! and the pee is blue!

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