Luc Besson - la femme nikita

[la femme nikita] This is the French movie Point of No Return was "based off" of. It's really the same movie, except that everyone in it sounds really smart, because they're all speaking French. Anne Parillaud gets the chair or the chamber or whatever they get in France for killing a cop (it should be noted that French cop killers, unlike their American counterparts, are still afforded the Constitutional right of Due Process) after her boyfriend and his posse (French posses really are a great thing to see, almost on par with the Danish hoods in The Kingdom) get in a big gunfight after trying to rip off one of their fathers. Instead of going to the chair (or whatever) she gets abducted by the French government who want to train her to be an agent (or a 00 Agent if you're up with the whole Nintendo 64 scene). It's good to know our government isn't the only one taking people judicially thought too dangerous to live, training them to be the perfect killers, then turning them loose, all on the citizens' tax franc (read: €). Oh yeah, and if you wanna know how to say mother fucker in French . . .