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c.1400 - 1455

[Fra Angelico - art prints, pictures - The Annunciation 1] so, fra angelico was a male prostitute who numbered among his clients, st francis of assissi (sic) and thomas of aquinas (sic). he was arrested by the florentine cops circa 1436, charged, stood for trial, found guilty of much original sin and confined to a cell for the rest of his life to paint murals. such is life... but not to worry, especially when there's Eternal Happiness and Everything after Death, n all that, and nor/neither need the story that fra angelico was a drag queen concern us overmuch here, for if the truth be told, and it always must be, then fra angelico was the long lost father of sandro botticelli on his mother's side and known by his brothers to possess the finest pair of testicles in all of known christendom...

searching the archives, it is not yet known how much television was seen by the young fra, or his brothers, but it is thought to have been very little and of no particular consequence in his subsequent development as an iconographer of the female form and her function in the great scheme of things.

If you are not in possession of your very own grotto cum chapel, it is suggested here that your fra angelico art print or picture be hung in the marital bedroom, which might be explained upon at a later time, presuming that you are a woman reading this here webpage and thinking about the decoration of your marital bedroom... which would be quite cool, spose

and yeah/right, we know there was no italy back then, bla de bla

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