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[William Blake - The Ancient of Days] So, Cornwall, November...

1) i out on the beach gathering driftwood for the bonfire, the sea insistent, sky huge, horizon clear. i look into the distance along the shoreline, see a figure coming toward me, it's ls lowry, dunno why - 2) - a man in a gown swans by, singing to himself - 3) - the thing is he unbelievably sings, is epigenetics, epexegetic? (while aside, matisse is dead) - 4) - well aint that just the burning question i said, and carried on, building a bellows out of nothing but air - 5) - i throw the queen of england into the fabulous flames, oh yea oh yea, and all her lords and ladies too - 6) - oh dear, i got some undead royals after my ass, i gotta get outta this place, and quick - 7) - i head for cornwall (yeah, dumb move) - 8) - head back, in the dark, find milton dead up a blind alley - 9) - fast-forward, find apollinaire dead, and dylan thomas dead - 10) - oh dear oh dear woz goin on? hogarth arrives, but what's the point? - 11) - i need some ammo, i need a gun - 12) - i need to sit very still in a landscape for a while, maybe camouflaged - 13) - hey, pass that joint mister, pass them prism glasses. i can see smoke rising and circling, in amongst the rain and rainbows, rising from chimneys like the smoke rose from chimneys in the past, like the smoke in my blind eyes as pissarro dies - 14) - i light another strand, wait under the lamplight... (and monet born today but, who cares?) - 15) - i make a move, like pina bausch - 16) - i hit the warpdrive button - 17) - stall again - 18) - hit the button again - 19) - here we go then - 20) - zoomzoom - 21) - with a vroom and a boom as the rockets fire - magritte has a birthday, but does he, really? doing anti-tank duties on the streets of brussels - 22) - whoosh... - 23) - fancy a rumpty in zero-gravity she said (no, no thinking, please, no think, let there be no more of thinking) but undressing only, over and over - 24) - toulouse, a place or time or something superspatial? i dunno i said, i'm just keeping on keeping on, foot pressing down on this accelerator, have to, made to, dunno why - 25) - so you're interested in quantum mechanics she asked, it's philosophical implications? or the reverse? (this while she's undoing her brassiere, asking, mirrors? do you like? mirrors?) - 26) - i to alpha centauri, to beta zeta, infinity and beyond - 27) - pressing on the gas like sisyphus on speed - 28) - blake has a birthday - 29) - all is balloons and popcorn - 30) - smoke rising

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