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Raymond Domenech Interview

China Reuters Associated Press | 08.07.06

Hi, thanks for coming in. Looking forward to the final? Les Bleus vs. the Azzurri, very monochromatic affair. Italy have more Juventini than you, so the edge does sorta go to them.
Yeah, I guess so. Hey, why do the Azzuri wear blue if their flag is red, white and green?
House of Savoy, yo. Why does France wear blue if their flag is white?
We'll be wearing white for the game.
Really? Will you have your hands in the air?
Only Barthez.
Yeah, I know about him.
We all know about him.
How do you think Barthez will measure up against some of the better Italian players, like Nadia Centoni, Simona Gioli or Francesca Piccinini?
Hey, they're all women!
So's Barthez. Answer the question.
Well, if he can block as well as he sets, we've no cause to worry.
How about Henry? Is he a woman yet?
He's working on it. He's going down pretty easy, but you gotta go down really easy to be a woman in France.
Why is that?
Because Frenchmen are so virile. Hell, if a Frenchman just blows his wad on the street, he might have a kid!
Well, yeah, little white tadpoles do grow up to be little white frogs.
Actually, we poached most of our team from Africa. Almost nobody's white. Hell, Zidane's a Berber!
Yeah, I know. We read about him in history class. In, like, fifth grade.
He's the best player in the world. I feel very confident heading into this game.
You know the ref's a Scorpio, right?
Born 4 November 1963.
Don't worry, I'm sure it won't go to shoot-outs. And he won't make your players retake their kicks if they put any in the back of the net.
Birthday in.
Well, anyway, congratulations on second place. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Um, how do I get back home from here?
Go out the door, hang a right, then the, um, yeah, house on your left.
Which house?
Eighth house.
Vive la fuck the French. Hey: water sign.
And how.

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