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[Van Gogh - Cafe Terrace at Night] So, Cornwall, July...

1) & it's england shite and vive la france - 2) - for god sake somebody, stop them germans! - 3) - kick em, kill em i don't care - use machetes and chop 'em into mincemeat, that'll do - 4) - oh joy... Joy! italy 2, germany 0 - 5) - & it's no-go the algarve, thank you very much, merci beaucoup - 6) - & it's back to work and google sucks - 7) - and amazon sucks, and the effin internet sucks, and suck suck suck my penis, suck my brain - 8) - i splurdge and splut and tiptoe out (that's my callsign that) - it was on my gravestone until i died, until rising up one darkling night, i bellowed out, to the moon, one last time... Open the 'Atches Beamo, Bombs Away! - 9) - and take that, you oily mama's boy, and take that, kraut - 10) - and take that, united states cavalry, and take that, you black 'n tans - 11) - & this one's for you... you tit in tights, you krypton craphouse - 12) - & this one's for you... you pirate prick - 13) - & there's one here for amazon hq and one here for the googleplex - 14) - (yeah, i'm seeing a chick from msn, muscles to flex) - 15) - (and life's a lazy rhyme) - 16) - the thought for the day... why not move israel to idaho? there's plenty of room there (enough for four israels and more) so the local idaho(hans) wouldn't have to squeeze up much... and it'd be just so christian of 'em, an' all - 17) - and now i'm told, israel could fit quite snugly into new jersey... well, that's that sorted! - 18) - and if we could move germany to montana, which is much the same size, bingo! - 19) - and, shouldn't everyone who thinks they're a 'chosen people' be slaughted while they sleep? - 20) - and, shouldn't saladin return? (and jesus weep?) - 21) - i check out some japanese porn for something to do... (waiting for shintot) - 22) - (god!) wherefore... we go and wait, wait and go? - 23) - i'm sitting at the traffic lights, some dick behind is beeping his horn... i relax, take it easy, light a hamlet cigar... bach's g string thing on the radio... work can wait - 24) - i decide to get off the road altogether (that dick behind still beeping his horn, just so getting on my nerves) - 25) - i'm waiting for the aa man, waiting for allah... (waiting by the sea for the waves to stop) - 26) - i'm singing a redneck song, singing hizbollah - 27) - i'm dancing a morris dance, i'm dancing the dance of death... hey there sweet condi girl, come kiss my lips - 28) - i wanna shaga negress, i wanna shaga jew... oh i wanna shag, i wanna shag, i wanna shaga, uh, you my dear, my sweet, my only love that's true... (and we like something from donne etc) - 29) - and today the day, 1890, vincent van gogh, died... rain on the serengeti, piano sounds - 30) - hyena howl - 31) - grrr

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In Memoriam: Vincent Van Gogh - 30th March 1853 to 29th July 1890