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1888 - 1965

ol' tom (ts) eliot ('n cobley 'n all) was born way way back in st louis beyond the tallahassee bridge in the good ol' usa 'n then became an american expat buddy geezer living in england like way way way back like even before that f scott fitzgerald crowd 'n all...
fell in love with some screwy english broad, lost his marbles on margate sands (where turner used to live at the end as cap'in booth) - tom caught the train back, whoosh, she was put away!
thought by some to be one of the more intelligent poets of the twentieth century, the thought n feeling here remains he shoulda fucked more ladies than he did, and oftener
there is a book, An Experiment with Time by J.W.Dunne (some times it seems to be in stock, sometimes it don't) which eliot did read, as everyone else interested did also read, way back then... it suffuses (suffuses?) all the quartets, particularly burnt norton - you may think the 4 quartets 'less good' afterwards, however
also, re: burnt norton; just like to point out the irony of a man writing a poem about the nonlinearity of time in numbered sequences.
if alive today would probably be heada the world bank, addicted to viagra and wringing his hands, and be very very very old, probly the oldest man in the whole world, though maybe not the wisest (for that'd be homer de springfield, yo)

the double bride icon in a game of chess and the fire sermon by nate

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