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Once from China - by nate


so we're at 千氏 eating 麻籽豆府 which is ground up marijuana in a marijuana cream an green sauce, which is so like eating reindeer on xmas, that much fun, then home at noon to spin the room 1litre 2litre 3litre 4litre 5litre 6litre floor, maxwell con 6.75L in thru the door, get back up an pop some tops an drink a litl more, hand-eye so fucked so hard so still a little sore..

and sober come daylight to 7am fireworks all boom boom bam bam kaboom! below the room but out the door, before they'd go boom boom kaboom at quarter to four, 春饼 and 胖子胖胖胖 (image google "胖子"; it's gross; i weigh 144, so i'm gross; they're more, they're several gross; oo, so oo!) then the lunch date, 鲁菜, i eat deer an stare at her nose, we are scientists our compass spins outside a controls, they hand me a schedule says simply "k=Δ" ...

and i stick to it how?