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Once from China - by nate


she's ten feet away, meshback ball cap, pseudo-topless, belly out under gelled lights, the scar of a stabwound like another navel, the bill bent down so the face ain't there, the back bare, the lights through their gels shine blue and green and blinking, blushing pink then orange then, well, they only have four colors of gels, so far as i can tell.

think i'm drinking guinness. one and one and then one again until the labels read "genius" and the bathroom's uv greens are five colors a gel, till i can't stand nor smell the smell, and i think it a stroke of guinness to buy her a drink.

you done well, grasshopper.

the tegestologist spills beer on the table and pukes in the sink.

ariel says she's alone in hell.

or so i think.