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Once from China - by nate


I'm watching a five-year-old girl trying to strip the skin off a five-year-old boy's knuckle with her teeth because he hit her. So are about five mothers, including both of theirs.

This is life here.

I'm walking home from work and I hear this guy say, in Chinese, "Is it spicy? You're the one who wanted to eat spicy food tonight." And I realize he's talking to his possibly-five-year-old son, who's shitting on the verge just off the sidewalk, asking him how spicy his shit is.

They have Taco Bell here. Upscaled Taco Bell. They call it Grande.

I'm on instant coffee. Instant coffee makes me ill. Franz K. ill, not Mike D. A normal person gets 6-8 hours a sleep a night and drinks 2-3 cups a coffee a day. Normal I ain't. 2-3 hours a sleep a night, 6-8 cups a coffee a day. Like I said, normal I ain't. My hands got me more shake to 'em then a Rasta in Chinese Mongolia, or a Pastafarian on a Friday.


Electronics shopping in a week or two, removable storage, I got this shitty-ass third-hand can't-sell-it-at-a-sidewalk-sale laptop. Storage like porridge an I'm all a Oliver: "Please, Sir: Gordon Moore."

I think I know a genuine Same Song when I see one.

Class in two days. English and math and next year's school plays.

And girls trying to strip the skin off boys' finger with their teeth.