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Once from China - by nate


four days seven cities long long long long long

shenyang this dancer then again damn and again can't dance can so maybe maybe not but damn is she hot ????? ya see i also got this thing for green an ergo 彼? ??????????.???????

?????? ?????? laudable and nearly nude, then these russian girls and we're audibly really rude then outside-uturn-inside dude! that's where they are right where they were but that look of hate i don't remember must be new then "screw em screm em" and i open my wallet and nope but sorry this i can't do.

thinking bout what we were drinking but recollection also a thing i can't do.

? at the airport and 20 minutes of smiles +an afterglow for some short while 2 steps turn around take 2 steps turn around still standing breathing waving then a fuzzy focusless form, formless object a focus, a thought at the edge of shape beside the turnstile behind my feet. the footsteps and the engines and the clouds and.....

SHENZHEN!!!! where i hadn't been in barely maybe a month but still somehow knew nothing bout things like street names (themselves like beer brands and birthdays like the names of people like the bylines of the bible forgotten and gone for good for ever), but ?? i can say still and stumble from place to place to saint alian of the knife) who won't play pool since it's ??? and since she an me never play to win you see those games go on and on and on and on. and on. (an so she will not ?.)

and then (no and then) hong kong, which was more like maybe 4 months barring bookstores at the airport swindon's this time and mo yan a book in my bag and eros a movie in a bag in my bag, bright eyes from hmv (on my headphones now ya see) and this indian guy we see says to sean "copy rolex" and sean says no so he offers him a purse.

then shenzhen again then alian then an airplane then another (this skinny girl in black ribbed cotton and short short shorts inbetween; i could spy on beautiful women for the cia, i am so invisible) then shenyang then a sleeper bus surrounded by hui, but we then sleep when we wake it is day. right now, beijing now. now and then and how. and now.

??? but mostly ouch an ouch an ow.

for now.