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Once from Taiwan - by nate


an last night at the red bar which is as one would assume a big red room with a small red bar near the far wall an a dance floor an a drum kit sans sticks an this girl dola as in dola the explola or run dola run an we dance which when drunk is eternally falling yet never hitting the floor, when sober is to spit spite to cicero's nose to his face, an waste liquor an burn books, but dola takes off drug off by some girl's name i don know and stumble around con the 同事 falling not landing flailing not falling waving not... you know.

then con carey edge end things あそこ早く.回到 red bar (sna tha far) an there this girl ling (鈴) whom i seen alone in a lounge just doing her thing so i walk a line less than straight an no line just hey an she's all hey an hey but the thing about ling or so it would seem is she's allergic to boys cuz we sit and we talk and she can do nothing but sneeze an she don't wanna dance till she empties her drink, a serial sling (brian myers smokes ever one in each hand) that malia perchance takes more serious than i as i can't stop laughing an it's fake it's so fake but the girl just won't leave and the lights come up the night it ends the room now as white as once it was red, and she runs outside after xiaoyi who ignores her in sight of his friends so that we can't ship her off home to pass out in bed, or at least off the street (as, aside from prying eyes, you just can't trust some a these guys) so i take him aside an ask him an he won't say, till wade comes up an tries to break up a fight that never would be then backs me up that xiaoyi needs a yea or a nay an it's yea so we shove on like the night a the prom eventually ends but ever so long.

an see em again when we stop to buy smokes and the sun comes up an we stumble an stumble and stumble an trip.