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Once from China - by nate


an the things i seen, i mean, ibright lights bursting out a bulbs anywhere it's dark, taxis across acres a single cities, tokyo a ne'er known, shenzhen a could a been, shanghai a by by the by taiwan a what was i thinking (i.e. why?), moving not living breathing not doing to dream to break to die... 丹风 fun for some while, then 上班上班回去上班 with a smile... 社小倩 one more drop in the raindrop sheen a samsara, a queen i can't hearya that chill it'll kill ya, peel ya, heela. ya deal.

the dance doesn't count on its fingers.

(and i) i am the only i i have misery loves addition to company, proof of feeling, all else aside, i survive and bounce and fall (three meters then two meters then five meters tall) and fly, while away the months like milton's light... not a moth to show for it, not a butterfly... a better question to never ask is why.

nor why butterflies flit, and feed, and drop, and die.

one more silent, arthropodal cry.

----- can't be thirteen. and boy's don't cry.