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Once from China - by nate


i was obviously incredibly drunk last night as i (at the time) thought the prince a cats killed capulets and romeo pre juliet whiled his days pining lack a rosalinda. i deduced from my presence in my apartment this morning that i still had at least some of my keys, and from the presence of my phone in my bed (it's like a teddy bear that buzzes, y know) that i still had my phone and then caught the rosalyn thing only afterwards over coffee and headache.

the capulet-killer erratum was identified, rectified and dismissed (to the laudable or applaudable indifference of all present) while still awake in the wee hours a this morning whilst i was being barraged with vocatives a "romeo, romeo" on account a what having gotten myself (i guess i could pin it on my dick, but i won't) wedged in between one-too-many girls to take home at alex-from-england's (perrenial) insistence.

'twas mostly the "hell, all montague, and thee" i was misquoting, though i don't think "[she's a nice] piece" was an audible enough part a the (perrenial) insistence to instigate said tangent (which it was, was) : but then, enumerate intents & purposes, & i weren't there.

maybe they was overdressed so maybe "a plague on both yr blouses" was a freudian slit.

rosalyn (i'm gonna spare myself the UTF-8 run an keep on calling her that) was all shimmer an silver an now my head still hurts...

( an the corner a the 网吧 i'm in smells like peepee. )