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Once from China - by nate

[crack. a gift from jc] 10.22.01

if all yr money's tied up in crack, i don't mean you ever suck dick for weed tied up in crack, i mean the business you run is some amalgam of production distribution and retail o rock, then you'll know why we yanks, unlike them brits, call biscuits cookies.

en das ameriker they make crack con coffee makers, whilst in china they make coffee con crack pipe.

it takes a while, and it doesn't have the kick a my coffee back home, nor the kick a crack, but anything's good given it's been sufficiently longed for for a sufficient amount a time.

pass cards down the boy-girl boy-girl line with our mouths without, which is in retrospect regrettable, blur for background, and the real point is to drop the card before you miss, for the kiss, i fear, not so much as the beer. a screw-ups-drink game, which are only played truly well by true screw ups, who are drinking anyway and anywhat, anyhow. even sometimes tsingdao.

and i'm behind her on a borrowed scooter at 4am on a wonton run, the wind and sir newton her hair in my eyes and i blink and i blink...

but by the by, if you're going to fabricate an international crisis, then at the very least please, please display the restraint requisite to not naming said fabrication after your own nationwide emergency hotline. your roots'll show. strong, man.