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Once from China - by nate


there's only one thing i eat in bangkok... people back home get mad at the idea of deliberately ingesting dog, here I listen to fifth graders say "i like dog" insteada "i like dogs" and ditto con cats and I always have to wonder. .. . so wit is hard in the absence of language, or of mutually intelligible language, which to all but the poets (ie lz) is a redundancy. but there's a dictionary to be flipped through and her knee in my thigh and her eyes in my eyes, on my eyes, and china in the bkg trounces uzbekistan while her brother watches that insteada us. .. ..uzbeki, bloody russia killing people over pipelines, whilst the govt (read aol time warner) run papers speak of chechnya as a possible non-afghanistan refuge for bin laden, which you read, hence you know.

notes to vegans: you cannot watch movies, as the gelatin backing to which standard film emulsion is adhered contains animal gelatin. you cannot watch a large number of tv shows and most commercials, as these are shot on film containing said animal gelatin. you cannot drive conventional automobiles, bc these use fossil fuels which, bought by the russians with muslim blood or no, contain dinosaur by-products. you also cannot eat snake, which is good shit, and dog, which i am still in search of.

but man, the bloody vinegar in this town.