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Once from China - by nate


So Sunday's coming to an end which oc means Monday's coming to a beginning somewhere betwixt 11:40 +12:20, far before the small hours of the eve and I'm sitting on some floor or other of this multilevel disco trying to chase off a cough with whiskey +cigarettes, which works, but only so long as to allow said cough to recommence con vengeance, staring through the smoke and the smell of my ¥48 whiskey, the tab of which I managed to pick up behind John's back, at this go-go gorgeous go-go dancer who looks like Wong Fei and dresses cuts her hair and smokes like my bestest ex-, and now a Chinese ballerina on tv, which is kitsch but quite the perv (as are so many things, it seems, this side a the ring a fire) somehow just don't do it too and how.

Some girl in a bar whose name isn't Zhou (or it could be, I don't know) says to me 'ai shiteru' which is Japanese Chinese being ai something else and with a tone and I just look and look and she says i love you and I go yeah yeah I know what it means. then i drink some some girl who is named Zhou as some Chinese ai something is some chinese something which I forget or never ever knew to forget and both lament and rue.

And yes this the country wherein hainan whereon the us military crashed a plane in a vain attempt to start a war. When the beer to xiao zhou is dry & done we'll toast to second chances.