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Once from Korea - by nate


moved out a the homestay, bad sit, live now above a bar called (gasp! jawdrop!) the bar, dream a my married girl if it's dark, crave neon, diablo, coffee, sleep but sleep like in the light like in insomnia (¡fuck nolan with his grandmother's cock, remaking son of a whore!) but more pink and red than white... wrote this poem once: >

the myth a white sky
the heros hung in constellation

but i think i spelt a as of like all old school like. think that was written for a girl, maybe'd just been reading ammons's "love song" (e.g., "only so much light as stars keep"), trying to remember the verbatim a my "love song" which usbrandon graham had said something about some time since now history-like, that an gojira (pretend it's kana, k?) and which is somehow bothering me now bc the vagaries a memory, she.(.maybe i wrote it for vampire racer d. ..?) >

the subways a seoul, like the subways a anywhere; the hills, though. the neon; the neon crosses burning red. moloko plus was said to've flown from the wounds.

<!-- we never knew, romans all. -->

oh, +, uh, capitalism stole something.