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Once from China - by nate


was all keen on getting back home and throwing type to text to hypertext, all it takes is a certain someone with a less than perfect memory telling me with my next to perfect memory to forget certain someones for ineffectualism to be effected.

but good to know that gu ain't gay, after seeing me and he and some third man with corresponding one two three singsong girls con carlsberg and karaoke so rudely forc'd slap slap bam! talking bout this broad's breastisis like i'd've ever even thought a coming to china if i gave a shit bout breastisis.

( while me and the guy we called hoover for the duration of his fraternity house|chapter presidency would employ the term "breastisis" in conventional fashion, i now and henceforth, with force, employ it in the sense a : breastisis is isis in iconoclasm : that is meant only to backtrack|check the pendulum swing of excessively radical|extremist feminism via their own obsession with pre-greco-roman fertility motifs. ) so red cross can count his ass safe from the harm a the dracula death toll.

well, all the 中国美丽 ( as gu calls em ) that i seen seem to me to be sporting the same two surnames, which aside from forcing the realization that china is suffering from a serious deficiency of options for geno, drives home the point that i do indeed tread in circular footpaths in the ongoing attempt to find an incorporeal (read: emotional) analogue for kevlar.

things to not get into.