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Once from Japan - by nate


[ too tired to write | this duplicate of email ]

well first night w/o yoshi i find myself a drinking buddy and we hit three bars–rain had scared everyone away. last night (2nd night w/o yoshi) i go to some bar for black guys and jap girls, i just wanna dance, but the girls wont even acknowledge im talking to them cuz im not black, i go down the street to gas panic, spend awhile either macking on this girl mami or getting macked on by this girl mami, we go to some other bar i wake up there and pay for her drink no idea where shes at had managed to forget id started the night off on 120 proof scotch, then to yet another bar to get out of the cold, turns out to be a strip club, every guy who comes out tells me to go in, except the socalled bouncer who tells me theyre closed but has no objecton to me nodding off in their lobby, then very last bar of the eve, buy an 800yen ebisu, they charge me 1000yen for the seat, claiming its a cover charge but applying it when i leave, not when i enter, hence not giving me the chance to decline, with all the 'this is japanese way' bullshit thats a telltale sign a scam's being run on you. after the cops showed up i insisted on 1400 and they eventually took it, japanese guys got no hope haggling against a kid from china. but cops took down my name, first and middle but not the last and not my passport number, no idea what they thought they were doing but im sure it will prove to be very ineffective.

tired now need a new hotel, hostel i was at was cheap but i could only sleep from 6.30-9.30 am and 3pm-10pm, if i wanna hit the bars and not be locked in at night. girl at the desk was cute but no shortage of that here.

seeing japanese girls wrapped in towels after having started the night off on 120 proof scotch and passing out on some girl whod picked me up made strip clubs very tempting tho. thinking if i was that far gone tho that waking up next to girls id gone with while drunk wouldve been an unpleasant experience, so that all is for the best. thursday tonight so the weekend starts (wednesday here not what it is in china) and things really pick up and the honeys are in the clubs insteada just the trains, so we'll see what we'll see.